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The Hero's Tale

Read our objective, the hero's tale. Learn some strategies.

Learn some strategies.

ABC: Always Be Checking

Read tactic #5, ABC always be checking. Hunt for a good gift.

Hunt for a good gift.

Homer's Bowling Ball

Read tactic #6, Homer's bowling ball. Make it all about her.

Make it all about her.

All Seven Senses

Read tactic #7, all seven senses. Treat her senses.

Treat her senses.

Secret Holidays

Read tactic #8, secret holidays. Surprise her.

Surprise her.

Unwaxed Ears

Read tactic #9, unwaxed ears. Pick up on her hints.

Pick up on her hints.

Merry Anniversary Day

Read tactic #10, merry anniversary day. Don't mix up occasions.

Don't mix up occasions.

The Trusty Triad

Read tactic #11, the trusty triad. Sure-fire gifts.

Sure-fire gifts.

Evasive Action

Read tactic #12, evasive action. Keep her guessing.

Keep her guessing.

Secret Agent Gals

Read tactic #21, Spicoli's fix. Repair a rotten gift.

Enlist some gals for help.

Mother's Day Blueprint

Read tactic #22, utility + girly = win. Look for these qualities.

Handling Mother's Day.

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