How to listen for your gal's "gift hints"

Pay attention to your gal's "gift hints"

Unwaxed ears
Your gal is the best resource you've got for finding her a great gift. She's been dropping hints to you all year long. She mentioned something that she'd like while watching TV with you a few months ago. She also gave you a hint while you were driving around with her last week.

Were you listening when she gave you these hints? If not, then get the wax out of your ears and start paying better attention.

Gals know that guys generally aren't too good at picking out solid gifts, so gals understand that dropping these hints benefits both us and them. It makes our search easier...and they're more likely to get something they'll really enjoy.

By the way, don't go thinking that your gal doesn't do this. All gals drop hints...both intentionally and accidentally. This should make sense to you because it's pretty well known that while us guys tend to be more direct in our speech, gals tend to communicate in a more indirect style.

Be alert
What this means for you is that those hints your gal is dropping are likely to be very subtle. This makes them easy to miss, so you'll have to be alert. Also, realize that she's not trying to work you for a particular gift, so don't take it as a sign of greed or anything like that. She's simply sharing her thoughts and feelings with you.

Now if some of these hints are aimed at gifts you can't afford, you don't have to get them for her. If she's hinting at something that's reasonable for your budget though, you should probably jump on it and take the easy win.

The message within
There's also a deeper reason why your gal isn't making her hints too obvious for you. She's secretly hoping that you two are so in tune with each other, that you'll be able to pick up on these clues, no matter how small they may be.

So basically, she wants to feel that you notice the little details about her. If you want proof of this, just watch how she smiles when you spot that she's wearing a new outfit or when she's styled her hair a bit differently. If you can catch those occasional clues that she tosses your way about what types of gifts she might like, then you'll be sending her a message that you really do listen to her and that you care enough to take mental note of the little things that make her happy.

Last thought
Don't get her what she's hinting at every single time. Gals like mystery, so you've got to make sure that a healthy dose of her gifts are complete surprises that weren't even on her radar. Oftentimes though, you should take advantage of those hints. Doing so is another way of showing her you love her...which is something that goes way beyond any gift.

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