How to create a "secret holiday" for your gal

Create a secret holiday for your gal

Secret holiday
You don't have to wait for a special occasion to give your gal a gift. In fact, she really wants you to surprise her once in a while with a "just because" kind of gift. That's why you should create a secret holiday for her.

Whip out a calendar for this. Now mark all of the days on which you're already on the hook for finding her a gift...birthday, anniversary, holidays, special occasions. Then make a note of which stretch of the calendar looks the most empty. In the middle of that stretch, pick a date and mark it as her personal secret holiday.

Don't tell your gal
When this day rolls around each year, you're going to give her a gift as if it was an actual holiday, like Christmas. However, you're not going to tell her about this secret holiday. As far as she's concerned, you're simply giving her a gift because you love her, and that's all she ever needs to know about it.

This secret holiday is really just a way of setting up a schedule to remind yourself to give her a "just because" gift at least once each year. I know...it's another deadline that you're putting on yourself, but these unexpected gifts are important to a gal, so they're worth a little hassle. Plus, since she doesn't know about this holiday, it's actually a flexible deadline...so don't sweat it too much. (And if you want to pencil in an extra secret holiday or two on your calendar, go for it.)

Last thought
If you've got a different reminder system in mind or if you're already giving your gal occasional "just because" gifts, keep going with that. If not, then give the "secret holiday" a shot, or set up any other reminder system you want...just as long as you follow through.

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