How to treat all of your gal's seven senses

Treat your gal's seven senses

All seven senses
We've all had those times when we just can't think of a good gift for our gal. We could go back to one of those reliable gifts that we've gotten her before. You know...the old standards like flowers and such, but there's another way to go. Consider her seven senses.

Most people know of the five external senses...sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch. However, few people know about the sixth and seventh internal senses. (Yep, these are real things.)

The sixth (vestibular) allows you to sense gravity, acceleration, and your own body movements and head position...it helps you balance. The seventh (proprioception) allows you to sense the relative positions of your body parts and how they're working together at any given time...it helps with complicated maneuvers.

Relate to her senses
This is simple. Think about the gifts you've given her recently, and identify which senses they're related to. Maybe you've given her a lot of stuff with a good feel (clothing), look (jewelry), and taste (sweets). Those gifts cover a few senses.

So now, look to the other senses that you haven't tapped into lately. Hearing...you could give her some headphones or a sound system for her music, or take her to a concert. Smell...you could give her some perfume or fresh flowers.

It's harder to find gifts related to the sixth and seventh senses, but you can figure it out with some effort. Vestibular...you could take her on a hot air balloon, ride a horse, or go on some amusement park rides. Proprioception...you could give her some really nice exercise gear (if she's into that), take her dancing, or go kayaking.

Of course, a lot of gifts hit multiple senses. Flowers appeal to her sense of sight, smell, and touch, so that's a three-way winner. Quality soaps, lotions, and candles appeal to these same three senses as well. Is it any surprise these things are popular with gals?

Try multiple gifts
You've probably thought of this by now, but...you could give your gal two gifts, each hitting on whatever senses you choose. Or you can go for broke and get her seven gifts. You can even label each one on a card telling which sense each gift is meant for. (No worries if you only get her five gifts for the commonly known senses. It's also a way to save a few bucks.)

You've got to be careful though. Giving her a bunch of junky gifts just for the sake of tapping into more senses is a bad idea. You're better off sticking with one great gift instead of cheaping out on the additional ones.

Last thought
Consider your gal's senses. It'll inject some variety into your gifts and can help steer you toward some pretty good ideas.   

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