How to personalize your gal's gift

Make your gal's gift personal

It ain't all bubble baths
Search up "gifts for gals" on the internet, and half of the suggestions you'll find are for soaps, lotions, candles, and all sorts of other bath stuff. Seriously...do the people running those sites think gals just spend each day taking one bubble bath after another?

Don't get me wrong. Gals do indeed like bath stuff, and they can make for fine gifts once in a while, but you need to understand that no gal wants that for a gift every single time. So go ahead and make this a staple item that you return to from time to time, but don't depend on it too heavily. To do otherwise would send her the message that you're just not trying that hard.

You've got to branch out a little and find her some other types of gifts, and that means doing some reconnaissance.

Note what types of things she likes. Keep an ear out for the clues she's likely to drop as the holidays approach. Try to elicit some ideas from her in the course of a "casual" conversation. Basically, just pay attention to her. And if you're still stuck for an idea after all that, you can always just come out and ask her what she'd like for her birthday, Christmas, whatever.

Make these non-bath gifts your main play...and keep the lotions and bubble bath in your back pocket for those times when you're truly stuck for a gift idea. Or better yet, you can give her a double gift. Start with one of those other gifts as the primary, and then piggyback it with some fine lotions and such.

Quality matters
Now when you do go forward with the bath stuff idea...you need to go for quality items. Buying a two-dollar candle or some generic soap for a gal gives the impression that you're (1) cheap, (2) too lazy to find a good gift, and/or (3) uncaring. So skip the unknown garbage and pick up something fancy.

That way, when she searches up the brand on the internet the next day, she'll discover that you paid a little extra to get her some really nice products. And if cost is a factor for you, it would be preferable to buy her a smaller set of high-quality bath items than to get her a gigantic set of low-quality stuff. Remember, she'll be putting this on her skin, so she'll want the best she can get her hands on.

Last thought
You can do better with an altogether different type of gift most of the time, but you can definitely rely on the bath stuff once in a while. Just do your gal a favor by going for some higher-end items...and pass on than that cheap basket full of soaps from the all-night drug store down the street.

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