How to take it easy with your gal's gifts

Take it easy

Pretty good enough
Want to make your life easier? Then remember this rule.

Not every gift you give your gal has to be the best.

Think about it. When you tell her you love her, you don't always say it in some over-the-top kind of way with skywriting and fireworks. Sometimes you say it casually before leaving for work, or you write it at the bottom of a shopping list, or tag it onto the end of a phone call. And it's the same with how you kiss her. Sometimes you give her a peck on the cheek, or kiss her shoulder, or plant a quick one on her lips.

Once in a while though, you take the time to pause, look her in the eyes, and tell her how much you really love her (in more than three words) right before you give her a deep kiss. A little variety goes a long way, as long as you come through big every once in a while. So take the pressure off yourself and treat her gifts the same way.

I'm officially granting you the right to take it easy and just find her a gift that's "pretty good" sometimes. By this, I mean that you should set a time limit of about 15 minutes for yourself to look around, find something that will work, and buy it so you can move on with the rest of your day. You're not going to give her anything bad, but you're also not going to bang your head against the wall for hours, trying to figure out the best possible gift for every single occasion. Reserve that kind of effort for those once-in-a-while times, like anniversaries and whenever else you happen to have the energy for it.

Now if you find yourself feeling a little guilty over not putting in your all every time...knock it off and give yourself a break. You just need to readjust your perspective. She'll still be very happy with whatever "prety good" gift you give her, and you'll probably even come to enjoy this expedited method of gift finding.

It's like John Ruth and Marquis Warren said to each other in The Hateful Eight.

"No one said the job's supposed to be easy."

"No one said it's supposed to be that hard neither."

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