How to buy your gal's gifts ahead of time

Buy your gal's gifts ahead of time

Johhny on the spot
Why are you waiting until the last minute to buy your gal a gift? You knew this day was coming for a long time, and could have done this months ago.

If you'd been a real Johnny on the spot, you wouldn't be hustling right now to find her something good. You wouldn't be worried about that gift you bought online showing up on time...and you'd have a chance to return it if something was wrong with it. You could have gotten some nice wrapping paper too, instead of whatever you have laying around the house. You could have written her a note/card at your leisure, so it comes out right.

Important dates
You should have written down all these important gift-giving dates in a calendar.

- Valentine's Day (February 14th)
- Mother's Day (The second Sunday in May)
- Christmas (December 25th)
- Her birthday
- Your wedding anniversary
- Other anniversaries (if you celebrate them) like the day you met or began dating

You also should have set reminders for all of these dates at the start of the year, to keep them from creeping up on you later. And wouldn't it have been wise to write down the birthdays for your mom, sister, and daughter while you were at it?

Of course, you could have done the same for your dad, brother, and son. (Father's day is the third Sunday in June by the way.)

Not so important dates
Here are some lesser known holidays.

- National Girlfriend Day (August 1st)
- National Grandparents Day (September 11th)
- Wife Appreciation Day (The third Sunday in September)
- National Daughters Day (September 25th)

I highly recommend that you steer clear of these goofball holidays though. I doubt you want to be buying more gifts than you have to...but if you want to use these dates, go ahead. Or dump them. It's your call.

Last thought
You really should have gotten your gal that gift a while ago. Then you would have had time to do whatever else you wanted to do today...instead of playing catch up right now.

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