The "no effort" gift for your gal

The zero effort gift

The cheat sheet
If you've read through our other tactics, you've probably found a good number of them that you can get some use out of. There's a very small group of guys though that simply can't or don't want to spend any time at all on their gals' gifts, which is understandable. None of us are into this stuff, and each man has to make his own decision as to how much time he's able to spare, or willing to invest, in exchange for some added happiness for his gals.

If you're one of the guys that truly wants to spend zero time finding gifts, or if you work so many hours that you really have no free time in your day, then this one piece of advice is for you. Be warned though...this technique is kind of a downer for gals, but it's better than nothing, so only turn to this option as an absolute last resort.

All you have to do is ask your gal for a list of what gifts she would like...a cheat cheet. Then go buy her something from that list, and that's it. Your workload goes to zero, and she gets a gift she'll enjoy.

This seems like a good deal for you, but it takes all the mystery out of it for her. You'll have to decide if the trade-off is worth it.

Gift card
A variation on this tactic is to give her a gift card instead. It's practically the same, because in the end, she'll still be picking out her own gift. Just choose a card for her favorite store if she has one.

Otherwise, get her a pre-paid credit card she can use anywhere. Regardless of the type of gift card, you need to make sure she can get something really nice, so it's got to be loaded with a good chunk of money. (That's the price you pay for getting off easy.)

A personal note
Whether you go with an actual gift or a gift card, you still need to give her a nice greeting card with a handwritten note. This is critical, because it's the only personal part of the entire gift. It's also your chance to play up why is was so important to you to give her that gift card or one of those gifts off of her list.

Basically, tell her how much you want her to have anything that she wants, and that she deserves it. Toss in something about how you love her and you're all set.

Last thought
If you've checked out all the other tactics and just can't stand to use any of them, then at least you can ask your gal for a cheat sheet. It's nowhere close to ideal, but it's workable.

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