How to give your gal workout gear

Give your gal workout gear

Slow your roll Rocky
So your gal mentions to you that she saw an ad for some exercise equipment that looked interesting. You wonder to yourself...is exercise gear a good gift for a gal?

She showed some interest in it after all, so it would seem like an easy buy, but you should slow down a notch and think about it for a minute. Just because she mentioned some workout equipment, it doesn't mean she's ready to go full Rocky Balboa.

Gifts carry messages
You've got to remember that gals read into things more than guys do, so consider what messages you might be sending her if you buy her this gear. She may think you're telling her that she needs to lose some weight. Or maybe she'll think that you're losing interest in her physically. She may even think that you're telling her she's getting old.

The point here is that even though you're simply trying to buy her a nice gift, she could take it the wrong way.

The reason for these potentially mixed messages is that gals are generally way more sensitive about their bodies than guys are. Your gal may want to drop some pounds and tone up, but she definitely doesn't want to do it on your schedule...and she may not even want to involve you at all.

If you jump the gun and go buy her that piece of gear just because she mentioned it in passing one day, there's a good chance she'll never use it. If she's going to start working out, she'll need to arrive at that decision in her own time...and on her own terms.

Don't force it
Of course, if she's already a workout fanatic and freely talks about it with you, then you can go ahead and buy her that equipment. She's already brought you into that part of her life, so you don't have to worry about those mixed messages.

However, for the gal who doesn't currently exercise, or exercises very little (and only when you're not around), here's what you need to do.

Stand back and let her take the lead on if, when, and how she's going to start exercising. If she keeps talking on multiple occasions about how much she'd love to have some particular piece of workout equipment, then you've got a green light to get it for her.

Understand though, that when a gal falls in love with a particular piece of exercise gear, that's the only one that will do. So if you've made the decision that the time is right to buy it for her, don't give her a knock-off, or it's practically guaranteed that she won't like it.

Now if she only briefly mentions that workout gear, then it may just be her way of thinking out loud about the idea of exercise in general. If this is the case, don't buy her anything related to fitness for the time being, because she's not yet ready to commit to the time and work it will involve.

Last thought
If your gal wants to involve you in her fitness regimen at some point, trust that she'll make that clear to you when the time comes. That's when you can buy her that workout equipment...but not before then.

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