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#15 Fill 'Er Up
How to find a refillable gift for your gal.

It would be nice if you could just get your gal the same thing over and over again...and if she would be totally happy with that. Imagine what you could do with all that time instead of spending it searching around for a new gift whenever the next occasion rolls around. Although that's not quite how it works in the real world, there's something that comes pretty close. It's the refillable gift.

A beautiful flower vase falls into this category. Think about it. You get her a vase one time, and you fill it with flowers. Then, any time you want to give her a "just because" gift in the future, you could give her another flower bouquet to fill 'er up again.

You could even pick some random flowers from your neighbors' homes and sneak them into the vase when she's not looking. There's hardly any thought required on your part, and she'll love it...as long as that vase you bought her is one incredible vase.

The many bouquets of flowers that you'll give her are nice, but nowhere near as important as the vase, because that's the gift she'll be reminded of every time you fill it up. If you start off with some standard looking vase, then every flower you put in there will always look cheap and boring to match.

However, if you get her a really exquisite vase, then the flowers inside will always remind her of how thoughtful and caring you were to give her such a great gift. The lesson here is to set the tone by going big on the initial gift, and that will carry over to the fill-ups.

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Charm bracelets
Another example is a charm bracelet. That's the type of bracelet with a bunch of little charms hanging all around it. The idea is that you start by giving her the bracelet with only one charm attached. The charm is something that you pick out specifically for her...a shape that represents something important to her or between the two of you.

In each following year, you then give her one additional charm to add on to the bracelet. This probably isn't something that she'll wear every day, but she'll love the personal meaning associated with each fill-up.

Last thought
Consider your own gal's style to come up with some more refillable gifts that work for her. You can't just give her refills on every single occasion, but they can make up a good part of your arsenal.   

#15 Fill 'Er Up
2-Point Strategy

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