How to find your gal a refillable gift

Find your gal a refillable gift

Fill 'er up
It would be nice if you could just get your gal the same thing over and over again...and if she would be totally happy with that. Imagine what you could do with all that time you'd save instead of spending it searching for a new gift whenever the next occasion rolls around. Although that's not quite how it works in the real world, there is something that comes pretty close. It's the refillable gift.

A beautiful flower vase falls into this category. You get her a vase, fill it with flowers, and you've got yourself a nice gift.

Now, as long as that vase you got her is a beautiful and high-quality piece (not some two dollar garbage vase), you can simply refill it for her in the future, over and over again. When you give her these "future" bouquets, mention how perfectly you think they'll look in that vase you got her. Then, when she plops in these new flowers, she'll get to fall in love with that rockin' vase all over again.

The vase you see is a time machine, because with each refill, it transports her back to when you gave it to her. The result is that the emotional effect of each "refill bouquet" gets magnified. To put it plainly, she'll feel like you're giving her a new vase every time, even though you're just handing her flowers. You could even sneak a fresh bouquet into her vase when she's not looking, and maybe set it out on her nightstand for her to find. She'll appreciate it if you get a little creative like this.

I have to emphasize though...that vase had better be absolutely incredible, or this whole plan will flop. Think about it.

If you start off with some plain-Jane looking vase, there's nothing special about that. Every flower you put in there will always look cheap and boring to match. However, if you get her a really exquisite vase, it'll make the flowers seem exquisite as well. This is partially due to the "expectancy effect" in psychology, but more so, it's a matter of bringing up that pleaant memory of when you gave her that vase at the start.

The lesson here is to set the tone initially by picking out a supremely excellent refillable gift, whose beauty/quality will carry over to each successive fill-up.

Charm bracelets
Another example is a charm bracelet. That's the type of bracelet with a bunch of little charms hanging all around it. The idea is that you start by giving her the bracelet with only one charm attached. The charm is something that you pick out specifically for her...a shape that represents something important to her or meaningful to the two of you.

In each following year, you then give her one additional charm to add on to the bracelet. This probably isn't something that she'll wear every day, but she'll love the personal meaning associated with each fill-up.

Again, make sure the bracelet is an ultra-nice one. Don't spend an arm and a leg, but you'll need to invest a decent amount to avoid getting one of those bracelets with a cheap metal finish that'll just rub off down the road.

Replaceable gifts 
The close cousin of the refillable gift is the "replaceable" gift. Exactly as it sounds, this is a gift that will either wear out or run out...and that you can simply replace when it does.

Getting her a bottle of her favorite perfume is a great example of this. Special soaps and lotions are also good. Candles too. And of course, fancy chocolates/sweets. (In fact, it's not a bad idea to keep all of these in your annual "gift rotation.")

When to refill/replace 
One thing you don't want to do is to wind up giving her these types of gifts according to a schedule.

*  Don't buy her fresh flowers as soon as her current bouquet withers.

*  Don't buy her another bottle of perfume right when her current bottle runs out.

*  Don't buy her soaps and lotions every two months.

*  Don't buy her candles on every one of her birthdays.

As soon as you start following schedules like these, you're no longer giving her gifts...you're just keeping her stocked up. Instead, you've got to change up your timing to maintain some degree of mystery.

Once in a while, you might take a six-month break from giving her flowers. When she uses up her current bunch of candles, maybe let her buy the next batch...and then get her a nice set after those are gone. When she's all out of perfume, wait until the next occasion to her a new bottle...and sometimes, wait for the occasion after tnat.

Last thought 
Consider what your gal is into so you can come up with some more refillable/replaceable gifts that work specifically for her. You shouldn't give her these types of gifts every single time, but they can definitely make up a good part of your gift arsenal.

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