How to keep track of your gal's gifts

Keep track of your gal's gifts

Jot it down
The job of finding gifts for gals doesn't come naturally to most guys. This means that you've got to take extra steps to make this chore an easy one. Don't sweat it though. This will be painless.

Each time you've gone on the hunt for your gal's gift, you likely started off by thinking back through all the things you've already given her...to avoid duplicating anything. Don't put yourself through that any longer.

Simplify matters by jotting down a list of all those past gifts. Then you can simply check your list before going after the next one. It wouldn't hurt to add the date and occasion on which you gave each one to her as well. This will help you identify some patterns...like if you always seem to get her the same types of things on her birthday.

Fill the gaps
You might also start noticing some gaps in your list. For example, it could be that you've never given her perfume, or that you've rarely given her jewelry. When you spot a gap like this, you now have an idea for her next gift. Add that idea to your list, plus any other ideas whenever they come to you.

They're not all winners
Among these "future gift ideas" you'll end up with some winners and some losers. That's okay. Cross off the bum ideas, but don't erase/delete them. You never know...a bad idea today could stoke something in your head that may lead to a better idea down the road.

Keep it handy
Keeping your list handy is key, because if you don't write down your ideas right away, you'll probably forget about them. You don't need to keep it in your wallet...just in some drawer where you won't forget about it, or on your computer/phone.

Don't leave it where your gal will come across it though. She doesn't need to know your business when it comes to this stuff. It's better to let her wonder how you always seem to come through with a good gift. Gals like mystery.

Last thought
Keep track of what you've already given your gal and potential gifts for the future. It'll go a long way toward simplifying the job.

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