How to make your gal's gift a surprise

Keep your gal guessing with her gifts

Evasive action
Do you always give your gal her gifts at the same time of day? Maybe it's your thing to hand over the goods after a nice meal...or maybe you slip her gift to her first thing in the morning. It's okay to have your own kind of ritual between the two of you, but keep in mind that gals enjoy surprises too.

If she's used to your routine, then use some evasive action and change up your timing. She already knows that a gift is coming (on her birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and so on...) but if she doesn't exactly know whether it's coming in the morning, afternoon, or evening...it'll add a touch of mystery to things.

So obviously, you should never ask your gal when she'd like to get her gift. That would wreck the mystery. Take control and decide when you want to hand it over.
Keep it a surprise.

Here are some times you could try giving her a gift.

When she first wakes up in bed.

Place it on top of the coffee maker.

Serve it on a tray beside her breakfast.

Place it on the bathroom counter, when she's in the shower.

Just before walking out the door to go to dinner.

During dessert.

Hide it in her car for her to find later.

Have it delivered to her work.

Last thought
You don't need to dream up some grand presentation to add an element of mystery. Just change your timing now and again to keep your routine from getting stale.

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