Sure-fire gifts for your gal

Get your gal a sure-fire gift

The trusty triad
Every gal is unique in her own way, with her own particular tastes...but there are a few gifts that work for every gal on Earth...jewelry, flowers, and perfume. These are solid gifts because they show your appreciation for her femininity (as you would never buy these things for a guy) and because they're the traditional gifts that let your gal know that you love her.

It's hard to go wrong with these workhorse gifts, so put some trust in them and return to them again and again. They won't let you down.

#1 Jewelry
Jewelry is the king of the hill among these gifts. So much so in fact, that we've even dedicated an entire tactic to the subject. Here though, we'll just touch on the basics.

The primary rule you want to follow when it comes to jewelry is this...always buy her high quality pieces. Cheap stuff won't cut it (no matter how pretty it may look) because your gal wants to feel like she's worth more to you than some low brow costume jewelry.

But don't go blowing all your savings on jewelry. Do what you can within your budget. If gold is too expensive for you, then buy her silver. And if silver is too much, then get her stainless steel...and so on.

If you're wealthy, this isn't a problem. But if you're not exactly rolling in dough, you might be tempted to go the low-quality route. Don't do it though. Save up your money instead, and wait until you can get her a higher quality piece.

You might get the idea in your head that you can impress your gal with volume by getting her a cheap bracelet for Valentine's Day, a cheap necklace for her birthday, and some even cheaper earrings for Christmas. However, overloading your gal with junk jewelry is a terrible idea. I'm telling you...go for quality over quantity. That's all you've got to do.

#2 Flowers
Every gal loves flowers. They're work for your mom on Mother's Day, your gal on Valentine's Day, and any other time when you give them as a "just because" gift. You just need to make sure you get her the right flowers for each of these days.

Roses are good for romantic occasions. On Valentine's Day, get her at least a half dozen of these wrapped up in a nice arrangement. Anniversaries are more important to gals, so a full dozen is more fitting. For a "just because" gift, or when you're looking to kick start your love a little, a single rose or two is all you need. Of course, if she has a favorite type of flower other than roses, you can get her those instead.

For other occasions like birthdays, Christmas, and Mother's Day...pass on the roses. Instead, look for a mix of colors and flower types in the form of a bouquet. Having these less-romantic arrangements in your "flower rotation" makes those few times you give her roses seem even more romantic by comparison.

Gals are pretty good at spotting cheap bouquets, so you might want to spend a couple extra bucks to get one from an actual florist, rather than the local drug store. You don't have to spend a ton of money, but that little bit extra you get in return from a real-deal florist will almost definitely be noticed and appreciated by your gal. And of course, if your gal has a favorite vase, you can simply get her a bundle of flowers (still arranged nicely) and drop them in there.

#3 Perfume
Your gal is very particular about the perfumes she wears. In order to find one a new one to add to her collection, she has to try it on at the store, then try it on at home, and again on a test run when she goes out with you somewhere. Only after all that will she feel confident enough to decide whether to toss it away or latch onto it for a lifetime.

Beautiful packaging may well be the thing that convinces her to try out a new fragrance, but if the scent doesn't impress her, then even the fanciest bottle won't be enough to make her fall in love with it...because it's all about the aroma. It doesn't matter which celebrity has her name on the label or if it's an expensive brand.

What this boils down to is that you cannot find her a new perfume. She has to do it on her own.

This is great news for you because it makes your job easy. Just follow these two rules.
(1) Never try to buy your gal a new type of perfume and (2) when you do buy her perfume, just buy her exact favorite type(s)...and nothing else.

That's it. As long as you follow the formula on this one, you've got yourself a no-brainer sure-fire winner every time.

Last thought
If you find that you've gone for a while without giving your gal one of these gifts, then it's time to get back on track. You should be giving her jewelry once in a while, perfume when she runs out, and flowers often. Keep this up and your search for gifts will be all the easier.

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