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Pro Team and College Gear
Fanatics - Florida - $40+

Couples wearing sports beanies, jackets, and sweaters for college and professional teams.

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A jersey may be a good gift, but not by itself.    Some items (like certain jerseys and college sweaters) are made for both guys and gals. If your gal likes stuff like this, that's great...but she'll definitely appreciate it if you get her something more lady-like to go along with it. This company has lots of gals' tops and other gear to pick from, so you won't have any trouble finding that second item to really make her happy.

Give her a chance to show off her new stuff.    If that top you gave her just hangs in the closet, that's no fun. Take her to a game, or out to a restaurant on game day, or get a BBQ going with some friends to watch the game on TV. Basically, give her an excuse to wear it in front of some people.

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