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Interactive Waveform Art
Looking at Sound - Texas - $70+

Women in front of interactive waveform wall art.

Approved by our army of gals.

Pick a song that's already special.    This is not the time to try out some new piece of music on your gal. Go for "your song" or what was playing on your first date, or something like that. If this is for your mom, do a little research and find a tune that's meaningful to her already. Giving her an art-piece designed around the fine work of Sir Mix-a-lot, and then crossing your fingers that she'll like it is not a good plan.

Add the "QR code" option.    To be clear, there are no speakers in this painting. That's okay, because the real focus of this gift is the meaning behind the song and how this art will remind her of that. You can however select an option to have a QR code artistically included in the corner, that she can scan and play using her phone whenever she wants.