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Adventure Experience
Virgin Experience Gifts - Colorado - $50+

Hot air balloon, sailboat, and plane.

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Pick an experience for her...not for you.   Put your own preferences aside when choosing an experience for your gal. After all, this is supposed to be her gift...not yours, so make it all about her. If you find another adventure that's more your style than hers, you can always do that with her another time. You may want to fly in a stunt plane, but if she'd rather go on a kayak ride, then for this gift...you better pack some swim trunks and a towel.

Make a whole weekend of it.    If you want to give her a big-time experience, then turn this into a mini vacation. Get a hotel for a couple nights and make a reservation for a fancy meal. Also, check out what else is in the area and plan for some time to do something extra, like hitting some casual-type restaurants or seeing some local attractions. The key though, is to set this all up before hand, so that her gift is not just a ticket...it's the entire package that you've put together. That'll knock her socks off.