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Luxury Calming Candles
Milan Candles - California - $65+

Woman with luxury candles.

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Top notch materials.   Wide wooden-wick candles typically make gentle popping sounds, which are a nice touch that you don't find in clearance rack candles. As soon as your gal sees that wick, she'll know this is a high-end candle. Additionally, the body is poured from coconut soy blend wax and beeswax, which are used because they burn cleanly and don't interfere with the infused scents that the candle makers have chosen.

How to handle that candle.
  Did you know that candles have rules for how best to burn them? First of all, don't burn your candle for more than four hours at a time. Second, let it cool off for at least two hours before lighting it up again. Third, get yourself a wick trimmer or some scissors and trim that wick a bit before each use. Do all this and you should get over 50+ hours of burn time per candle.

Pair it with another gift.  Gals love candles, but they're not really considered a whole gift on their own, so find her something else to give her as well. Don't make the mistake of imagining that the candles are a lesser gift tthough. These are luxury candles, and deserve to be wrapped just as beautifully as whatever else you plan to get her.

"Shining a light in the darkness for those who need it most."   Milan's founder, Luis Garcia, puts 15% of their profits toward "Milan's Mission" which is the company's effort to support victims of sex trafficking. Garcia has several daughters and has stated that he wants to help make the world a safer place for them. The thread of this mission runs throughout the company's products, from the website, to the packaging, and to the candles themselves (the naming of the scents, their calming intention, and their "angel numbers").