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Touch Start Radio
Bose - Massachusetts - $500

Touch-start radio CD player.

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The "touch top" feature is key.   When your gal wants to set a mood in the home, she wants to do so easily. She wants to walk into a room, touch the top of the radio and be done with it. No set up, no connectivity issues, and no hassle. With this radio, she can instantly kick on her background music (preset to her favorite station) for the hour she'll spend cooking up something in the kitchen, lounging in the living room, getting herself ready to go out, or preparing for bed. In a world of cell phones, playlists, downloaded songs, and portable speakers...a classic radio lends an inviting atmosphere to a gal's home that can't be duplicated by miniature devices. Plus, using a radio keeps her phone free for texting, phone calls, charging, or whatever else she wants to do with it.

Bose is king.
  The "wave technology" included in Bose systems creates the warmest sounds around. Cheapo countertop radios just don't compare. That's why this particular radio line has been around since 1984, and is now in its fourth generation, updated with all sorts of modern features. In fact, Bose discontinued this line for a while, but gals clamored for Bose to re-release it...and so they did.

These last a long time.    When you buy a piece of tech, you kind of have to expect that it'll break down or become outdated within a few years. However, the radio scene isn't going anywhere. Our gals actually own three of these radios between them, and they all work as perfectly as they did when they were brand new years ago. A gift like this will bring your gal daily happiness for quite some time to come.