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Infusion Hoodies
IV Hoody - California - $140

Women wearing infusion IV hoodies.

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Don't make this depressing.   Having to go through IV treatments is unpleasant enough without you adding to it, so wrap this hoodie up and give it to her as you would any other gift . Although it could be classified as a medical device, the true value of this hoodie is her comfort...and the loving feeling that it came from you.

Double zipper openings.
  With a normal sweater, a gal has to bunch up her sleeve to make room for the IV. Or she can pull her arm free from the sleeve and tuck it down through the waist opening. Either way is uncomfortable and leaves her partially exposed to the cold air that's typical of most medical offices. These sleeves however allow for placement of the IV anywhere on the arm, and then close up tight around the tube. (They even feature flaps beneath the zippers to keep the cooler metal away from her skin.) This makes it possible to wear her hoodie exactly as it was designed to be worn...keeping her warm without constriction.

It looks good outdoors.    An infusion session includes more than just the hours in the medical office. It begins with getting dressed and gathering her things to keep her occupied during the appointment, traveling to the office, possibly grabbing a meal afterward, and then heading back home. You need to understand that your gal wants to look and feel good during this entire journey. This means having clothing that works well for her during the infusion, but look frumpy out of the office. Whereas most sweaters are either ultra-comfortable or fashionable (one or the other), this hoodie has both qualities.

Get her a blanket as well.   Even if her hoodie keeps her warm, it's hard to beat the feeling that a cozy blanket can bring her during the hours she's stuck in therapy. Consider getting her a soft throw blanket...the type thats designed for curling up on the couch...not a king-sized-bed blanket. Make sure it has a cute design or even a saying written on it as well. And like always...wrap it up and include a card.

It's good for all medical appointments.
   The sleeve openings work for more than IV transfusions. They can also open up for simply checking blood pressure, taking/donating blood, or for any other monitoring devices...so they're useful for any gal who spends a significant time visiting her doctor.