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Pool/Beach Towel
BeachBed - Canada - $100

Women using pool/beach towels. with pillows, pockets, and travel bags.

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Get her the extra pillows.   This comes with your choice of either one memory foam pillow or three. The pillows are spaced out in three different pockets (for her head, back, and legs) which she can insert or remove as she pleases. Don't be cheap on this. Your gal wants options. Just get her all three and let her decide what combination of these she'd like to use.

Put a note in one of the pockets.    Anytime a gift has a pocket, drawer, or compartment, you've got an opportinuty to slip a note in there. She may find it right away (which is fine), but you're really hoping that she'll come across it years later. For gals, this stuff is like discovering buried treasure. You see, in her mind, if you're hiding notes for her to find years in the future, then you obviously believe in the durability of your relationship...and that's one of the warmest messages you can give her.