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Hand-Knit Beanie and Scarf
Sh*t That I Knit - Massachusetts - $60+

Women wearing beanies and scarves.

100% approved by our army of gals
and our field report earns us a few bucks.

One size fits all.    Don't worry about the size of your gal's head. Any beanie you get here should fit, since they're "one size fits all." The same goes for the scarf and a lot of other items they offer.

Do some reconnaissance.    Does your gal even wear beanies? You better make sure first. Once you've established that she goes for this sort of stuff, then your next job is to figure our her particular style. Here's the easy way to do this. When you see some actress wearing a beanie on TV, ask her if she likes that kind of look. Some beanies have a more smooth design to them and some are more textured. Also, the pom on top comes in a yarn version and a furry version, so you'll want to secretly find out what your gal thinks of these options.

You've got to be thorough with your research on this gift, because that beanie is going on her head...the most prominent part of her entire body. When she goes out, it's the one piece of clothing that will stand out more than any other, so it's got to be just right if she's going to wear it in public. As I said, just find out the (1) texture and (2) type of pom that she likes...and get one in her favorite color. (You do know her favorite color don't you?)

Get the "beanie care kit."   It only costs a few bucks, and your gal will have everything she needs to keep her beanie clean and in good working order for a long time.

This is one big scarf.    The size of this scarf is no joke, so obviously...she needs to be a scarf gal to appeciate this. Now if she's got a couple of scarves already, then what better one to add to it than this? She can bundle it up and wrap the heck out of herself with this thing or wear it long if she wants to.