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Stacked Bracelets
Pig & Hen - Netherlands - $90+

Silver and turquoise stacked bracelets.

100% approved by our army of gals
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Get her a stack of bracelets.    This is a really nice line of jewelry from a company that specializes solely in making bracelets, so your shopping job just got a lot easier. What we've learned from our "army of gals" is that these types of bracelets are begging to be worn in a "stack"...which is a group of two or three bracelets worn together on the same wrist. Lucky for you, this company sells pre-selected stacks that go well together.

Shy away from the gold-plated jewelry.    ‚ÄčThese bracelets come in a variety of colors, but understand that at these prices, you're not buying sterling silver or pure gold. Instead, you're looking at stainless steel and gold-plated jewelry. We usually advise guys to steer clear of anything that's gold plated, because the plating can rub off and change color with use. (If you're buying your gal gold, then you should go for something that's gold through and through.)

But consider this...most of the pieces from this company are around the same price. So for roughly the same amount of money that you could use to buy a gold-plated bracelet of moderate quality, you can get her a high-quality stainless steel bracelet or an extremely nice woven bracelet instead. In fact, a lot of gals would be very happy with a single woven bracelet from their lineup...in case you don't have the scratch to afford a full stack right now.

Gals like good stories and good luck.    "Pig & Hen" is an interesting name for this company, as the phrase really doesn't have a connection to jewelry. Rather, it's a reference to old-time sailors who used to get tattoos of a pig and a chicken/rooster on their feet/legs in order to ward off bad luck during long sea voyages. Apparently, pigs and chickens were known to survive quite a number of ship sinkings back then, as their wooden crates would keep them afloat long after the vessel had hit the sea floor.

I'm sure some of those fellas were superstitious, but I'm betting that a good number of them got inked more for the sake of tradition. Regardless, the name/image on your gal's bracelet will have a story to go with it. These bracelets aren't good luck charms in themselves, but having the name/logo of "Pig & Hen" on them is enough to make these a little more memorable and special...which is exactly the type of gift you're going for.