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Hyperstylized Attire
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Jewels are a gal's best friend.    Bedazzled, bejeweled, glitzed up, or rhinestoned. Whatever you call it, I'm talking about the designs you find on gals' clothes made out of those little fake stick-on jewels. (The Guns N' Roses top up above is filled with these gems.)

These are pretty much universally loved by gals because they add two elements to her wardrobe...a feminine touch and an expensive look. A gal could glance at a shirt without jewels and dismiss it immediately...but put that same shirt in front of her adorned with a bunch of plastic gems and her eyes will pop out over it. Really. Don't dismiss the power of these doo-dads.

Casual clothing is an easier buy.    It's not too tough to find your gal some fancy sweatpants, a hoodie, or a simple shirt for lounging around at home. Normally, I advise guys to stick with buying these casual types of clothes because it's tough to go wrong with them. You can also get your gal some basic stuff for running around town...like t-shirts and simple (but pretty) tops.

Finding her something ultra-fancy for going out though is a highly advanced maneuver that few guys have the ability to pull off. However, a lot of the clothing at Lauren's site above straddles the line between fancy and casual. This means you have a chance here to get her something a little more special than you normally would...something that's date-worthy. Do yourself a favor though, and pay attention to the guidelines below.

Take a pass on skirts, dresses, and pants/shorts.    Don't even try to find your gal any skirts, dresses, pants, or shorts. I guarantee that it won't work out well because you don't know what you're doing with this stuff. Gals are highly particular about any clothing worn below the waist. If these things are off by even an inch or if the design doesn't have exactly the right look, it's either getting returned to the store or tossed in the trash.

With that said...you absolutely have a green light to buy her lounging/sweat pants and pajamas to wear at home. These items are looser fitting (so you don't have to size them perfectly) and their comfort is more important than their look (so anything that's even halfway cute will do the trick).

Beware of the sleeveless stuff.    Did you know that some gals are really self-conscious about their upper arms and/or shoulders? It's not the case for all gals mind you, but it's certainly true for some. (This was news to me when I first heard it.) So before you go on the hunt for a top, think about whether your gal has any tank tops or other sleeveless items in her current lineup. If not, then you should obviously go for something with sleeves.

However, if she likes showing off her shoulders and arms, then sleeveless is an option. You should also use this approach for off-the-shoulder tops and any clothes that come with those artictic rips and cuts that are meant to reveal some skin.

Push these clothes to your gal's limit.   Most gals like to show off their best assets at least once in a while, and a lot of stuff at Lauren's site above is prime material for these times...like hitting concerts, clubs, or Vegas. So figure out where your gal draws the line on showing off. Does she ever reveal her belly button? Is she okay with a sleeveless look (like we just talked about)? Is she okay with a design that'll likely draw attention (like a giant set of bright glittery red lips or the words "sexy gal" emblazoned across the front)?

Wherever her comfort level lies, these clothes are a good opportunity for you to get her something that goes right up to that limit. Just don't try to push her past that limit, because you're not going to change how she feels about herself with a mere gift.

Set up a date.   If you're getting your gal something that's made for going out, then you really need to include that date as part of her gift. Drop in a couple concert tickets when you wrap it up, or write down in the card where you plan to take her.
(You didn't forget the card did you?)

One tip though...don't pressure her to wear whatever it is you got her when you go out on that date. It may be your hope that she'll wear it, but ultimately, she needs to pick out whatever she'll feel best in for the occasion, so go with the flow and compliment her looks, no matter what she picks out.

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