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Custom Canvas Prints
CanvasWorld - California - $40+

Couples with custom canvas prints hanging on wall.

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Personalize the text.    This place has a lot of styles to pick from, but to put this gift over the top for your gal, you need to make sure the text says something unique to her. Anyone can go buy a nice looking print with generic text like, "I love you." or "Our family." That's not impressive though. Try to think of some saying between the two of you instead. Is there a secret nickname that you you've given her? Do you answer her phone calls in a certain way? Is there something you once said to her a long time ago at some special moment in your life? Is there a sweet little inside joke that the two of you have?

Whatever you choose, avoid overly dumb jokes and standard sayings that could apply to anyone. Your goal is not to make her laugh like a loon...it's to make her smile and get her heart to sigh.

Pick the right photos for the occasion.    If it's Valentine's Day, don't choose photos that show off the whole family. Save those shots for a Mother's Day gift. For Valentine's, just use photos of the two of you looking romantic. Now if it's Christmas, don't think you need to find Christmas themed photos to add to the print. She's going to hang up the canvas to display year-round. So instead of selecting pictures based on what season it was when they were taken, you should look for photos based on emotion.

Ask yourself which photos show her at her happiest, at her most excited, laughing uncontrollably, smiling back at you when you took her photo, feeling loved and safe in your arms, looking calm and relaxed, and so on. This jazz flies with gals real well.

Do the photos need to have a theme?    Most couples don't have a set of photos from a formal photography session at the park or elsewhere. (You know...where you're wearing the same clothes in each photo, but posed fifty different ways.) If you've got that going for you, then you'll have no problem slapping together one of these prints (like some of the examples at the website above)...but what if you have a scattered bunch of photos, each different from the last?

Well, one option is to pass on the collage (with multiple photos) and simply pick the single best picture from what you've got. You can have that one shot printed by itself and maybe add some text if you like. (One good photo is all you really need.)

If you still want to go down the collage route, that's equally fine. The photos don't need to fit a rigid theme, but definitely spend a minute to look them over to make sure you don't have a photo in the mix that clearly doesn't fit with the others. You'll have to use your best judgement on this, but don't beat yourself up over it if you're having trouble selecting "just the right" pictures. Relax and realize that she'll like whatever combination you put together. In your gal's mind, for this type of "arts and crafts" gift, it's much more about the effort that you put into it, rather than the details of the actual gift in the end.

Let her choose where to hang it.    Once you give her the print, it belongs to her...and that includes where she'll hang it. Don't try to convince her that it would look better in the kitchen or in the hallway or wherever you're thinking of. The placement of the canvas is just as important as the print itself, so if you get her to go along with where you want to hang it, she'll never look at it the same way. If you truly want her to enjoy this gift, simply hang it up for her wherever she wants...and if you're not okay with this, then you need to find her a different gift.