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Giant Cloud Cushions
Lovesac - Connecticut - $600+

Women jumping and laying on giant floor cushions.

100% approved by our army of gals
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Go for a larger size.    If you're going to take the plunge on this and get your gal a top of the line cushion, then you might as well go for one of the larger sizes. It would be a shame to look at it every time you walk by and say to yourself, "It's nice, but she would have really gone for a bigger model." You may not want to put out the bucks for the king size version, but at least get something that the two of you can comfortably fit in together. (Some of their models are only made for one person.)

Also, the cushion within has a lifetime guarantee, so this is a long-term investment. If you can't afford the right cushion at the moment, it would be a better idea to wait and save up for it...so you can get the one that she'll enjoy the most.

Choose a color/texture that's personal to her.    You've got over 100 covers to choose from, and you may be tempted to pick out something that matches the rest of the decor/furniture of the room that you picture this in. If you do that though, then it becomes just another piece of furniture...and that's boring for a gal. This is because furniture is an awful gift. Furniture is for everyone to use...anyone who lives in the home and anyone who visits. If you give your gal a piece of furnitue, you're not really giving her a special gift, because you're not giving her a gift that's meant for "just her."

Instead, you should pick out her favorite color. Even if it clashes with the rest of her decor, that color tells her and everyone else that she's the queen of that cushion. That's all it takes to elevate this from some bland piece of furniture into a meaningful gift. Of course, you could pick out another color that she likes. It could even be that your gal really digs some basic color like gray...and that her whole home is done up in a gray color scheme. In this case, it's okay to go ahead with that gray color (even though it will match her furniture) because it's one of her beloved colors.

You can still make that cushion more personal though by selecting a texture that she'll love, as they have a variety to pick from...furry, denim, woven, tweed, velvet, suede, and so on. Basically, don't think like a home decorator. Rather, try to imagine your gal spotting one of these giant cushions as she walks through a department store and saying to herself, "I've got to have that!" Can you picture what color/texture would make her say this? If you can answer this question, then that's the combination you should go for.

Don't use her cushion by yourself.    Let's say that you picked a rocking color-texture combination that your gal loves. A few months go by and she's been enjoying it every day. She finally found the perfect spot fot it and maybe she's even incorporated it into her daily routine...sipping coffee in the morning, chilling the evening, reading, whatever. Then one day, she walks into the room and finds you sitting in it, watching the tube while chomping on a bag of chips.

This is worst thing you can do, because in that moment, you will have taken over ownership of that gift you supposedly gave her. From then on, she'll never feel the same in that cushion, because it's no longer "just hers." Believe me when I tell you that you've got to treat that cushion as sacred territory, not to be touched or even breathed on unless she sits in it first and then beckons you over to curl up beside her. That's the only time you should allow yourself to use that cushion...ever.

Let her pick the next cover down the road.
   Most (if not all) of the covers are machine washable, so she'll be able to keep it looking fresh for as long as she wants. At some point though, there's a good chance she'll want to change things up and get a new cover. No matter what, do not try to surprise her by guessing what cover she might like for this second go around. This is because by now, she's had a long time to think about what color and texture she wants next, so she likely has something specific in mind already. Even if she's not entirely set on a particular style, she'll want to be in full control of the final decision. After all, she's the one who's been using that cushion day after day. She's broken it in just how she likes, and she knows exactly how it feels against her skin.

Now here's how you can take advantage of the situation. Offer to buy her that new cover when it comes time. Tell her to pick out the one she wants, and all you have to do is pay for it. It may be a little pricey, but it's one less gift idea that you'll have to come up with, and you won't even have to wrap it up. Just help her put it on when it arrives in the mail.

Warning: if you're buying her this new cover for an important occasion (like an anniversary, birthday, or holiday), she'll be disaappointed if you don't also give her another gift, nicely wrapped with a card attached. If this is a "just because" gift, then you don't have to do anything more.