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Sheepskin Fleece Slippers
UGG - California - $60+

Colorful furry and sheepskin slippers on a woman's feet.

100% approved by our army of gals
and our field report earns us a few bucks.

Do not buy her sandals or shoes.    Each gal has a very particular taste in shoes. In fact, figuring out exactly which shoes your gal would like would be about about as tough as cracking the Enigma code. Basically, you have no shot at pulling off a good gift in the way of sandals or shoes...so give it up. Instead, you should find her some nice slippers. The difference is that whereas sandals and shoes are for wearing out and around town, slippers are for wearing around the home.

This means that slippers have more leeway as far as which styles she'll like. In the safety of her own living room, she won't feel like other gals are judging her footwear with every step, so she's free to slip on something comfy and relax. Stick with slippers for a gift, and avoid sandals and shoes. She needs to pick those items out for herself.

A name brand is like turbo boost for any gift.   Even though she'll be wearing those slippers around the home, she still wants to know that she's "on trend" with the latest fashion styles. Of course, she wants them to feel comfortable as well. UGG fits the bill in both regards. You could run over to a department store and find some kind of furry slippers, but to her...they just wouldn't be the same.

Put it this way. When your gal sees that you bought her UGGs, she'll be instantly assured that you put forth the effort and money to get her a high quality gift. Also, later that day, she'll likely Google the brand to see who else is wearing these slippers, additional variations, photos, and other items the company offers. She won't be able to do that with a generic brand, so spend the extra few bucks for a good name. To gals...it matters.

Investigate her current slipper line up.    When selecting the right slippers, you first have to determine whether she prefers an open or closed heel. Next, figure out if she likes an open or closed toe. Then, does she go for something with straps across the top or a solid cover. Is she into fluffy furry materials or smoother textures? And finally, would she like a wild kind of color/design or something calmer? (Remember that you can never go wrong by selecting her favorite color...even if she already has a lot of slippers.)

Just check out her closet and see what she's got going on in there already. Once you're armed with this information, you'll be in a good position to choose the right par of slippers. By the way, UGG has a lot of slippers, so I suggest you filter them from highest to lowest price at the website above, as I found that makes the search much easier.

Consider a robe., and more.    You'll find a section in the website above that features an entire line of robes. Of course, robes go well with slippers, so you might get her one of those as well. Another option is to just go for the slippers for now, and save the robe for another time. (That's one less gift for you to hunt down in the future.)

Either way, try to think of the whole routine that your gal goes through when she's relaxing at home. What else does she like to go along with her slippers and robe? Does she crawl under a blanket on the couch? Does she wrap her arms around a cushion? Does she dim the main lights and turn on some little accent lights instead? Does she often grab a mug of hot chocolate when it's cold outside? Keep your eyes peeled for these types of items that could go along with those slippers and you could end up with a herd of gifts on standby.