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Meditation Cushions
Renoo - New York - $275

Woman sitting on meditation cushions.

100% approved by our army of gals
and our field report earns us a few bucks.

Buy the full set of two cushions.    Each cushions can be bought separately, but they're really designed to be used as a set. She sits on the top cushion, and the larger base cushion is for her feet. She can also use the base cushion by itself if she chooses, but let her make that decision for herself. Buying her just one of these would be like buying her a motorcycle with one wheel. Don't cheap out on this.

Pick a color that fits with the space where she meditates.   I'm no meditation guru, but our army of gals tells us that the process works best when the whole "space" is in sync with itself. A quiet place, incense burning, perfect lighting, comfortable temperature, and colors that complement each other. I know...she's got her eyes closed the whole time, but when she first sits down, she wants to see that her cushions (the centerpiece of the experience) really tie room together.

Let her know you researched this.   As you can read on the official site above, these cushions are officially called a zafu (top cushion) and a zabuton (bottom). I'm guessing you're no expert on this meditation business, so if you slip these names into the conversation after you give them to her, she'll get the message that you actually dug into the subject a bit in order to find her something of legitimate quality. She'll appreciate this for sure.

Follow up this gift with an offer to help her transform her space.   Guys are providers...so provide. Ask her if there's anything else she might need to make her meditation space more serene and turn it into a better fit for her style. It may be that she just needs something simple, like a couple pieces of furniture moved around to give her some more room.

Regardless, make the offer and let he know that you're supportive of her meditation time. There's a bonus here as well. When you ask her what else she needs, it will cause her to pause and truly consider this...possibly for the first time. Your offer could be the very thing that jump starts her meditation routine all over again, thus adding some serious joy to her life.