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Weighted-Knit Blankets
Bearaby - New York - $200+

Women sitting under colorful thick woven blankets.

Approved by our army of gals.

Look through the "weighted blanket guide" at the site above.    The guide on the Bearaby website covers everything you need to know about weighted blankets, but we'll hit on the main points below.

Find the right sized weight.   The blanket should equal about 10% of your gals' body weight. Some people prefer it a little heavier or lighter, but if your gal hasn't slept under a weighted blanket before, then this is a good starting point.

All of these blankets are washable.   Other blanket styles contain metal or glass beads and can have special washing requirements. These blankets are far easier to wash though, since they're made of pure fabric throughout.

Wrap this in a giant, flat gift box.   This company makes high quality blankets, and you want to communicate this to your gal form the start. Not because it'll score you more points, but because she'll appreciate and adore it more if she knows that it's really something special...beyond other weighted blankets. If you buy an undersized gift box for it, then in your gal's mind, it'll always be that crumpled/rolled up blanket that you crammed into a tiny box.

You need to spend the extra few bucks to buy one of those giant, flat gift boxes made for dresses and blankets. Go for one that's slightly oversized so that you can neatly fold the blanket and place it inside with some room to spare. (Of course, wrap the blanket in tissue paper first and tie a ribbon around the whole thing in the end.) I'm telling you...this is a presentation she will not forget, and that blanket will feel like a treasue every time she wraps herself up in it.