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Designer Pajamas
Eberjey - Florida - $100+

Women relaxing in designer pajamas.

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Pick the right style.    This company offers five different styles of pajamas, so take a look at what pajamas your gal typically likes to wear right now, and then get her something similar. You have some leeway to upgrade her wardrobe by maybe getting her something a little nicer than she's used to wearing, but don't go trying to drastically change her style. For example, if all of her current pajamss are long pants, then don't get her a short pajama set. If she wanted that, she would have already bought it for herself long ago. Basically, stick to what you know will work for her.

Check out all of the fabrics.   Be sure to click on the different color/design options below each of the images on the website. (They have a lot of fabrics that you might miss otherwise.) There's nothing wrong wiith getting her some pajamas in a solid color if you're going for a more elegant feel, but adding some design to the fabric adds a fun, girly kind of touch. Use your best judgement here.

You can return to this gift in the future.   A gal can never have enough pajamas, so you've got the green light to come back here down the road to grab her some more. You can either get her the same exact pajamas (in a different color/design of course)...or you can go for one of the other styles (like a sleepshirt or short set) as long as it's something that you think she'll enjoy.

Pick something that you'll like seeing her in.   She's got to feel comfortable in whatever she's wearing, but you really don't want to get her something that doesn't look good to your eye. Do right by her, but by yourself as well.