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Smart Watch Band
Goldenerre - California - $60+

Gold and rose gold women's smart watch bands.

100% approved by our army of gals
and our field report earns us a few bucks.

Check the available sizes first.    As new smart watches come out each year, their sizes change from one model to the next. So make sure they have the right size for your gal's watch before you spend too much time looking around.

Get her an "open face case" as well.    In addition to her watch band, she'll need an "open face case" to finish the look. (This is a metal band that surrounds the face of the watch to match the strap.)

Consider a gift set with multiple bands.    If you can afford it, a gift set gives her the option to switch bands to fit with different outfits. Otherwise, a single band is a great start.

Question her later.   After she's used the band a few times, ask her these questions. (1) Do you like it? (2) Do you like the color I chose? (3) Is it too fancy or not fancy enough? Then, you'll have an idea of whether or not another band might be a good gift idea in the future.