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Expert Celebrity Instruction
MasterClass - California - $180

Portraits of celebrities.

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Make sure you're getting this for her...not for the two of you.    You might be thinking that you can share her subscription and that you can take some of the classes too. Don't do it though, or she'll think that you were actually buying this gift for yourself. Maybe after about six months (and only if she invites you to try out a class) then you can go for it...but hold off until then. That's how to let her know that you were thinking only of her when you got this.

You could take a class together.   If she invites you to try out a class alongside her, there's nothing wrong with that, but you better make yourself aware of how much time you're committing yourself to before you say yes. (You can find the length of each class on their website.) Also, check out what the class is about ahead of time to make sure it's something you'll actually enjoy.  Just be smart and know what you might be getting yourself into before jumping in.