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Flower Vase
Jonathan Adler - New York - $80+

Flower bouquets in white flower vases.

100% approved by our army of gals
and our field report earns us a few bucks.

Pick a vase that resembles a gal's body.    This sounds kind of strange, but if you follow this rule, it's hard to go wrong. Look for a vase with curves rather than straight lines...something that flows from top to bottom rather than stopping and starting again. You can even opt for a vase that literally depicts a gal's features.

Put some flowers in it.   What is a vase without flowers? To a gal, it's an incomplete gift. You've got to fill it with a bouquet.

Don't cheap out on this vase.   If you get her some rag-tag vase, then you'll find yourself buying her a whole string of throw-away vases over and over again every time you buy her flowers. Just get her one great vase now, and then simply refill it with flowers on each occasion down the line. You may actually save money this way, and she'll enjoy those flowers all the more. You can read about this concept in our article (Tactic #15) below.