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Soft Blanket
Barefoot Dreams - California - $120

Woman wrapped in soft blanket.

Approved by our army of gals.

Take it slow.    Barefoot Dreams has a lot of different gifts available...blankets, robes, slippers, etcetera. This makes them a good resource for you, where you can come back each year to find something new for your gal. Just don't overdo it by getting her too many of these things at once, or it will lessen the impact of each item. These are quality gifts, so start with a blanket, and then pick up something else from them next year, and another something the year after that. It'll make each item feel more special to her if you dole them out one at a time.

Turn this into a themed gift.   Any kind of comfort item, like a blanket, is a good start for a themed gift. Read about how to do this in our article (Tactic #24) below.