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Travel-Sleep Hoodie
Pond Los Angeles - California - $110

Women wearing travel-sleep hoodies.

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Get this for her before your next trip.    If your gal is about to hop in a plane, train, or automobile...this hoodie could be her best friend. It's great for snoozing because she can get lost in it, especially with the fold-down sleeping mask, and it's got style. If you've been to an airport recently, then you've seen a lot of the gals there wearing something similar, so she'll fit right in.

Don't get her the "cropped" version.   They sell a much shorter version of this hoodie that looks good on a lot of gals. Because of the way it's cut though, she really needs to try it on and decide for herself if it's right for her. Stick with the full length hoodie instead, because it works for any gal.