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Mini Massager
Therabody - California - $200

Women using mini electronic massagers in different colors.

Approved by our army of gals.

Get her the "supersoft" attachment.    Therabody makes several attachments of different shapes to replace the plunger (where it contacts her skin). Everyone has their own preferences, but our army of gals most often use the "supersoft" attachment, which is made with a foam cushion rather than hard rubber. Be sure to get her this one attachment. If you're able to though, there's nothing wrong with just getting her the whole set of attachments so she can pick and choose at will.

Use it on her.   This device does a great job when you use it on yourself, but nothing beats getting a good massage from someone else. From time to time, ask your gal to get comfortable, and then grab that massager and take care of her shoulders or back for a few minutes. I know...if this becomes a routine, it sounds like it could end up being a lot of work for you. Don't worry though. This little massager practically does the job on its own. It's so easy, she'll be able to give you a good massage as well.