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Exercise Mirror
Mirror - New York - $1,500+

Women exercising with interactive home gym mirror.

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Check her WiFi connection.    This mirror needs to connect to the internet via WiFi, so make sure she's got a good connection. This is how she'll access the large variety of workout routines that are available to her. (You'll need to pay a monthly subscription fee for these routines.)

Help her create a workout space.   Once you've given her this gift, offer to help her clear out and decorate a space where she can exercise in peace. She may need some hand-held weights, a mat, plants, and anything else she needs to make the area feel right. Let her take the lead on the design, and you help her with whatever needs to be done. You could even offer to pay for some of all of the new items for her space.

You should only buy this for certain gals.     Read our article below (Tactic #23) about when you should and shouldn't buy workout gear for a gal.

Tactic #23