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Corrale Hair Straightener
Dyson - Singapore - $500

Women using hair straighteners.

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Ditto for what we wrote about Dyson's other hair tools.    Dyson developed all three of their hair tools to allow your gal to style her hair in less time while treating her hair more gently than their competitors' products.

If you don't give this to her, she may never buy it for herself.    Look...this is one of the top hair tools a gal can have, and you know how important it is to have the right tools for the job. Not everyone places the same importance on their tools as we do though. So if your gal falls into this category and just isn't willing to spend this amount of money on herself, then it falls to you to decide whether or not she'll get to use this particular tool in her future. Our own army of gals tell us it's worth it.